About Kerala State Sports Council

Colonel GodaVarma Raja was known as the King of Kerala Sports World.

The name of one of the prominent personalities that is etched in Golden letters in the history of Kerala for development of sports and games, Col GodaVarma Raja ( fondly known as GV Raja) was born on 14th Oct 1908 at Koikkal the Hill palace of Poonjar Royal Family.

In his earlier years he was a very active, enthusiastic and adventurous person who broke the old traditions and barriers and came to mingle with general public. He was interested in all kinds of sporting activities especially Tennis and Football. When the Travancore University was established in 1937, Col G V Raja was appointed as the president of Board of Physical Education. 
Col GV Raja set up the Trivandrum Tennis Club. Col GV Raja had recommended to the Sports Minister to start the May Day Sports. 
His love for sports motivated him to set up a separate organization for the promotion of various games in the state.Col Raja given a  representation to the state government that sporting activities and recreation are essential for physical fitness, promotion of emotional growth, development of human personality, communication skills, general behavior etc, which all ultimately useful for productive lines by youngsters. Raja managed to obtain the approval of state government to constitute the Kerala Sports Council in1954, the first of its kind in the whole of India. 

The kerala sports council has been dissolved and Kerala State Sports Council came into existence in 2000 and is functioning as per Kerala Sports Act 2000.
Colleges Sports Hostel, Rural Coaching Centres, Sports Training centres, Day boarding centres are functioning under kerala sports council. The council has started Elite Training centres for Athletics Volley Ball and Swimming. In the year 2017, Kerala State Sports Council has started an ambitious project called Operation Olympia aimed at 2024 Olympic Medals 

There are 31 District Sports Academy, 51 College Sports Academy and 23  School Sports Academy functioning under Kerala State Sports Council. Different training schemes in various disciplines are also being conducted .
Colonel GV Raja also took efforts to form seperate sports association for the different types of sports and games and got approved by the sports council and ensured financial grants from the government. 

Now there are 43 recognized sports associations under Kerala State Sports Council . As per grant in aid regulations, Kerala State Sports Council provide grant to state associations for conducting state championship, coaching camps, conduct of national/ south zone competitions etc.. Currently 105 sports hostels are being run by Kerala State Sports Council . (Track suits , playing kits) for the inmates of hostels, for state teams who participate in National championship etc are also supplied by KSSC. Along with this, sports equipments are also providing to the athletes of 61 Day boarding centres / Training centres.
Col GV Raja was the President of the Kerala State Sports Council from its formation until his demise .

The activities of Sports Council has in due course of time helped to produce international talents in various events like athletics and categories of games who secured Gold and Silver Medals for India in asian and other international championships.

The government of Kerala has also declared 13th October as Sports Day in Kerala ..